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Private Sessions

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Life Full Yoga focuses on your whole life.  During your private sessions you will explore Yoga and/or Pilates for your unique needs.

Privates are 55 minutes for one person

Duets are 55 minutes for two people

Semi-Privates are 55 minutes for up to 3  or 4 people. 

Mini-privates are 30 minute check ins.

Life Full Yoga private session brings together the body, mind, and spirit. 

Working on only one of these aspects is to miss the important pieces of your puzzle, of your journey.  When we work on the body, we work on the mind and spirit.  It is all inter-related.  We work with the philosophy that the body is the easiest place for us to access -- our Self – it is the most tangible.   The body tells us so much about our Self.  When we are depressed, stressed, happy, at peace we hold our body in different ways. 

Through bodywork, such as Yoga and Pilates, we can learn about our self.  When you make changes in how you hold and experience your body you can change mentally and spiritually.

 Life Full Yoga Coaching brings yoga to your whole life – Body, Mind, and Spirit.  That is Life Full Yoga.

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