Plan your visit . Check  out the Google Map of Area,
Pictures of the studio (inside and out), and a list of how to plan your visit.
Life Full Yoga &  Pilates

Our Yoga Studio at 119 Samson Rock Dr


Along Samson Rock Road

Across the street in town lot at back of Stop and Shop

Walk from Main Street/ Rt 1 down our Alley Way

Door at Side towards the back,  Alley Way side

Plan Your Visit

  • Register for a class.  Drop-ins are welcome but registering assure your space and allows us to contact you with any changes. You can also get the app
  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first visit to allow time to check in  (we get there about 20 minutes early)
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring Water -- forgot?  We have water
  • Bring a Mat -- don't have one yet?  We have rentals
  • Make sure you are not too full but also not hungry.  
  • First time doing yoga?  Here's a great article to read.