Life Full Yoga &  Pilates


Monthly workshops help you deepen your yoga practice. 

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Come to our workshops and deepen your yoga practice so that your yoga will go with you off the mat.  These workshops will help you walk away with a yoga practice that will impact your whole life. 

Beginners Workshop:  "What is yoga?"  Learn how to do yoga with the basic yoga poses (asanas), Sun Salutations, basic Sanskrit (yoga's language), explanation of six main poses with props and modifications, breathing techniques, relaxation.

Level 2 Workshop

Alignment of standing poses, twists, introduction to the Eight Limbs of Yoga (yoga philosophy and life style), more breathing techniques, yoga nidra style relaxation.

Level 3 Workshop

Back bends and inversions, deeper reflection on yoga philosophy, deep breathing techniques, meditation, restorative yoga style relaxation.

Other Worskhops

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga and Your Wrists

Beginners Yoga

Chakras and Your Alignment