Life Full Yoga

Our Founder Kim Preveza
Kim began her certifications  in 1998, as well as having a Masters of Divinity from Harvard in 1996.  Her unique style combines the elements of the body, mind, and spirit.    She brings over 18 years of teaching experience, a life time of practice (over 35 years), and a down to earth style that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Kim is inspired by the teachings of the Viniyoga style, and her past teachers who taught Iyengar and Kripalu style yoga. Kim is also inspired by yoga philosophy and the ancient sacred texts of yoga.   She earned her ACE personal trainer certification in 1998 , Polestar Pilates in 2000 and Stott Pilates in 2004.  She began teaching yoga in 2003.  Her  original yoga teacher certification is in the viniyoga style (adaptable yoga) with FRAYoga in Massachusetts. Recently she completed another 200 hours at Sacred Rivers Yoga in East Hartford CT. 

As a child, Kim, had severe Scoliosis. She wore a back brace and did physical therapy everyday for 8 years, as well as some Tai Chi, and Yoga. 1988-1996 she studied World Religions. Her interest in Yoga and Mind Body modalities  really began during this time. In 2003, Kim began teaching yoga and found her true calling, bringing all her interests and skills together.

Since moving to Connecticut, Kim leads yoga classes in the area and also volunteers as the Director of Childhood Cancer Kids which gives yoga care packages to children with cancer. Kim's goal is to further her practice as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist.

She is the founder of Stroller Yoga in 2007, Life Full Yoga in 2010. In 2013, she and her daughters founded the charity Childhood Cancer Kids.

She was a Fitness Expert for the Newborn Channel for the program "Back in Shape." She specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum exercise. Kim led classes in Massachusetts for the Quincy Family Network, the Hull Family Network,  Beechwood on the Bay School and at Quincy Medical as well as top gyms , Pilates studios, and maternity centers.  In Connecticut, her yoga teaching has been at the YMCA in Branford, Pradipika in Clinton, the Mercy Center and the Jeffery School in Madison, as well as retreats and workshops.. ​

 Life Full Yoga

Our Style and Our Founder

Why We Teach

Our mission is that your yoga practice will affect your whole life.

Your yoga practice will also take in account your whole life.

Each student will feel individually taken care of although never singled out.

Each student will learn essential yoga poses and discover yoga for their specific body.

We believe yoga can enhance your whole life and design our yoga sessions to transform your body and also your mind and spirit.

We are still down to earth,

we are serious about Yoga,

but not too serious about Our Self.

What We Teach
We teach yoga for your life.

Life Full Yoga style is Viniyoga,  “adaptable yoga.”
​Each yoga class, group and private, is adapted to each person’s needs and abilities.
Life Full Yoga includes a holistic approach based on knowledge of anatomy, personal training, pilates, and yoga.  
Classes are multi-level. 
​All are welcome.

Each Class includes yoga readings, yoga poses with adaptations and modifications , breathwork, and relaxation.
Some classes include music, others are silent, or include silence.
Classes include slow flows, moving in and out of poses, and use of props are offered.
​Classes are not hot and taught at moderate temperatures.